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“single-button simplicity”

— Rik Fairlie, New York Times: Trick out your iPhone

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“Recorder gives the iPhone a valuable new capability at a dirt-cheap price.”

— Hiawatha Bray, Downloads transform
iPhone into handy tool

“Good before... great now!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is, by far, the BEST dollar I have ever spent! I am in radio and now will be able to record short actualities or feature snippets, the e-mail them for editing and broadcast. They have managed to get surprisingly good quality from a little phone mic. It's easy to record, preview, rename, and E-MAIL the .aiff file. This is the kind of apps I imagined getting from the App Store. Professionally made and reasonably priced!

App Store Reviewer donmcdonald

App Review: Recorder

For those who have been waiting for a dictaphone, it's here. ... Recorder does just what you need it to, nothing more or less. No cumbersome useless features to get in your way.

iPhone Smarts

Practical and Useful
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Finally a decent and simple recorder. Just what I needed. It can only get better. Now with emailing memo function. Very useful, could potentially replace a lot of emailing by giving user easy useful verbal messaging ability.

App Store Reviewer TappnBird

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